Spinal Physiotherapy

Antill Physiotherapy provides the physiotherapy services to the Centre for Neurosurgery. 

Our area of expertise

Antill Physiotherapy provides the physiotherapy services to the Tasmanian Spinal Physiotherapy Clinic, operating within the Centre for Neurosurgery. This multidisciplinary service of neurosurgeons, doctors and physiotherapists is dedicated to the management of complex spinal conditions. We provide physiotherapy management of spinal conditions across both our practices.

We have highly developed skills and expertise in the assessment and management of complex spinal disorders including:

  • back pain and radiating leg pain (sciatica)
  • neck pain and radiating arm pain
  • headaches
  • disturbances of spinal alignment – e.g scoliosis, hyperkyphosis, sagittal imbalance


What are the key factors in managing spinal pain?

Your Antill physiotherapist will carry out a thorough, comprehensive spinal assessment to understand the factors contributing to your spinal condition.

Your physiotherapist will assess when a problem is straight forward and can be managed directly with physiotherapy intervention. Your physiotherapist will undertake this intervention with you.

When a problem is more complex, your Antill physiotherapist has the knowledge and experience to determine the next steps:

  • Do you need investigations? If so, what investigations are warranted?
  • Do you need specialist assessment or interventions? If so, what services may you need to access?

Can you help me if I’ve had spinal surgery?

Yes, Antill Physiotherapy can help you if you’re recovering from spinal surgery.  We have vast experience in this field and provide the specialist services you need to recover from spinal surgery: 

  • Hydrotherapy to promote recovery of function in the early post-operative period


Can you help me if I have a disorder creating a curvature of my spine?

Yes, Antill Physiotherapy has comprehensive expertise in this field.

We are the only service in the state that provides comprehensive non-surgical management of spinal deformity including:

  • Scoliosis - a sideways curvature of the spine
  • Sagittal imbalance – a forward inclination of the head, shoulders and trunk, frequently seen in the elderly

Management strategies include specific corrective exercises, postural training and core strengthening.  

When the spinal deformity is assessed to be progressive, rigid bracing is undertaken, in conjunction with the exercise-based pathway.

Antill Physiotherapy is the only service in Tasmania providing comprehensive conservative management including both the exercise-based and rigid bracing pathways.

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