Hydrotherapy is specific exercise in water using the physical properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and turbulence) to achieve therapeutic benefit.

The benefits of hydrotherapy include:

  • decreasing joint pain and stiffness
  • increasing strength, particularly of the core muscles, hips and legs
  • improving balance
  • retraining a normal gait pattern
  • building resilience to activity
  • building cardiovascular fitness

Hydrotherapy is a useful form of treatment in the following instances:

  • recovering from illness
  • recovering from physical injury / trauma
  • recovering from joint replacement or spinal surgery
  • managing pain from osteoarthritis and other joint conditions
  • as part of a weight loss program
  • as a stepping stone to increasing resilience to land-based physical activity

Antill Physiotherapy runs 2 small group hydrotherapy classes per week.  Each client has his/her own individual hydrotherapy program, developed to meet their individual needs. 

We aim to equip clients to be competent to continue their program independently, returning for review and progression of their program as warranted.

Hydrotherapy is an excellent step to recovering function and moving to more challenging land-based activity.

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