Kinetic Link Training

KLT is an exercise system using resistive bands to strengthen core and global muscles in functional context, to increase physical performance and resilience to everyday activity.

In contrast to traditional gym-based exercises where muscles are commonly worked in isolation (eg a biceps curl, triceps dip, hamstrings curl, chest press or leg press), KLT exercises involve use of the whole body in functional ways, preparing for robust physical activity.

Unlike some other exercise options that are carried out lying on the floor or on special beds, all KLT exercises are performed in standing, making them immediately effective in improving tolerance to everyday activity.

KLT exercises can be undertaken at home with simple equipment that is readily transportable from place to place, making it an excellent strengthening option for busy people on the move. 

KLT is an excellent means of transitioning from early-stage exercise/rehabilitation programs, (eg core muscle strengthening or hydrotherapy), to more vigorous land-based activity.

All our physiotherapists at Antill Physiotherapy have undertaken training in KLT, and incorporate KLT into our physiotherapy management to achieve optimal physical outcomes for our clients.

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