What is Hydrotherapy?



The warmth of the water encourages tight, over-active muscles to relax, promoting freedom of movement, and a sense of ease. The buoyancy of the water assists to unload joints that have been injured, or are recovery from surgery, allowing improved movement and function. The resistance of the water is used to gently work weak muscles, rebuilding strength and normal function.

Buoyancy and resistance are used together to challenge core stability, making hydrotherapy an ideal medium for retraining improved function of the deep core muscles that support and stabilise the spine.  It is particularly useful in promoting recovery following back surgery.


 Hydrotherapy with Antill Physiotherapy 

We run our hydrotherapy classes at a private, purpose-built facility, where the water temperature is 32ºc.  Class sizes are kept small.

At your first session, you will be given your individual exercise program, developed by the hydrotherapist, in conjunction with your treating physiotherapist.  This program will target your specific needs, and the hydrotherapist will ensure all exercises are safe and appropriate for you.  Your individual program is progressed as you improve, so that it remains interesting and challenging for you.

Session times  Monday & Friday 2 – 3 pm.

Call us now to arrange an appointment. Ph: 6223 2051