What scientific research shows us…

Up to the mid 1980s, it was believed that loss of muscle and strength were inevitable as people got older, and that neither could be restored.

Based on scientific research we now know that a carefully designed, progressive strength training program can build muscles, and increase strength, in men and women of ALL ages.

  • Halt bone loss – improve bone density
  • Improve balance
  • Help control weight
  • Improve flexibility
  • Trim and tighten
  • Re-energise and revitalise


Each year after menopause, a woman typically loses bone-mass, a condition called OSTEOPENIA, that, if left unchecked, develops into OSTEOPOROSIS, where the bones are so porous they easily break.
Women (and men) who strength-train not only don’t lose bone density, but can actually GAIN IT!

The improvements in strength, bone density, and balance have special significance for older people because they dramatically reduce the risk of fractures from osteoporosis. This is a serious problem for older people. 



STRONG AND STABLE is a carefully designed strength training program based on scientific research from Tufts University in America.

The physiotherapist will determine a safe starting point for you.  As you grow stronger, you’ll exercise with weights, and these weights will be gradually increased as your strength increases … no matter how quickly or slowly you progress, the program will always be right for you. 


CLASSES – Small group exercise class (maximum 4 participants).
Include strength and balance training exercises in a 40 – 45 minute session, working on all the major muscle groups.
Safe and effective exercise for optimal muscle strength, bone health, and general wellbeing!

Private Health Fund rebates apply.